Work With Tabitha

Beautifully Broken Mastermind

  • NWeekly zoom calls with me. We will schedule based on each other's availability (45 minutes each). I have found one on one calls to be a game-changer for my clients versus a self-paced/module-based program.
  • NAccess to my Facebook Community where I will have weekly office hours with Q & A Live videos, Journaling prompts, and other support from like-minded women in the group.
  • N5 Day Mindset Workbook that will be your weekly resource to leaning into emotions, beliefs, struggles, anxiety, etc.
  • NStructure/Routine tailored to you and your needs. You will leave this 90 days with a plan and action tools in place!

This is the best option as I have found 90 days to be the sweet spot for commitment and showing up for yourself so it STICKS.

This is the most customizable plan where I will personally help you get unstuck. I invest so much energy into our personal calls helping you uncover anything and everything holding you back.

Together, we will create new habits and develop a new life-changing mindset to help you succeed! You will leave this 90 days ready to conquer the world!