Let’s Talk Laundry Detergent

by | May 19, 2023

We ALL use it, and it’s the most practical switch you can make for your family to start detoxing your products. The amount of toxins on conventional grocery store aisles should make you angry. The carcinogens, the hormone disrupting, and ethoxylated compounds they use in something that you use to clean clothes that touch your body all day. Don’t even get me started on fabric softener and dryer sheets.

We have to do better. If you don’t want to do better for you, then at least do better for your kiddos. Remember, their little systems are developing and all the toxins they are exposed to affect so many things with their health. It is maddening to me that these companies can still get away with putting these products out there. 

Just take a look at your ingredients on your detergent.

“Fragrance” will almost always be at the end of the list of ingredients. That term alone is an umbrella for hundreds of chemicals. 

I share about this detergent all the time because it has taken me YEARS to find one that performs well, because nobody wants to use a toxin free detergent that doesn’t work well. If you are like me, you enjoy when your clothes smell fresh. The reason most people develop an allergy from detergent is because of the chemical fragrance they use along with other toxins.

This detergent actually smells like Tide without the toxins. And it is a fraction of the cost because you literally just reuse the jug and they send you envelopes with the powder. All you have to do is fill the jug with warm water and dump the envelope into the jug and shake! You have fifty loads in that one jug and it averages sixteen cents a load with the special they have going on with 300 free loads! 

We have been using this for a year now and it cleans our clothes so well. We love it, and all of the women I know who have started using it for their families love it too. We all have to do laundry…. so I think we can all appreciate knowing we are using something that is not hindering our health. I will share the link with their sale! If you grab the detergent let me know how you like it! https://click.trulyfreehome.com/aff_c?offer_id=218&aff_id=3619

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